Friday, July 31, 2009

Vicky Is A Tanned Latina Covered In Cum

Vicky is a nicely tanned Latina doing her first porn video. Duke Skywalker asked her what type of stuff turns her on, and she had no idea. I knew right then she was a total sexual rookie, but was so eager to learn. The Latina Abuse guys are there to educate!

Cock after cock went down her Spanish throat, and although it made a terrible mess, she loved the experience. She liked her hair being pulled, and her face being smacked. All of this somehow intrigued her. Big Red and crew bent her over and two huge cocks went to town. She wasn't used to peckers with such length and girth. She took them deeper and deeper as her boobs were smacked, and she was fish hooked like a catfish. Then they all nutted on her face. 5 Loads for this rookie!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hellga Gets Her Throat Hammered

Hellga is a cute 19 year old chick who thinks she is bad ass because she has a pentagram tattooed on her ass. She was so bad ass, in fact, that within five minutes her tight tushy was filled with wang. She really got the royal treatment today thanks to Big Red and Duke Skywalker. Her face got drilled nice and good, and then she took on her first ever DP. Her 19 year old holes never experienced such bizarre, yet good feelings. This little street walker definitely got more sexual education from us, than her entire hillbilly family could have taught her. Then we all piled glob on her face, and she laid there defeated and humiliated.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trina Michaels Gets Gooey

Trina Michaels finally made it over to our studio to get a real ass whoopin'. I was beginning to wonder what was taking her so long because usually it's only a matter of time before every wannabe star with half a name ends up on our casting couch. She was a good princess because she knew her place. She took slaps like a battered wife in need of a new pair of shoes. She took insults like the fat kid in gym class. She was the pinnacle of fail. The man rods made her spew up all kinds of goop. They made her once tight booty look like a black hole.

She was definitely down for the count in the roughest scene she ever did. Then, as usual, we all dumped some spoodge on her face. She sat there covered in goo pondering why she chose to be in this business instead of flipping fish sticks at Long John Silver's.